About Me


Vince Teodoro is a  multi-disciplinary hybrid designer with over
19 years of  experience with a passion for delighting customers.

I use my user-centered product design powers to build
desktop and mobile experiences to make the world a better place.

  • I advocate for the user and make products easier to use

    I make experiences engaging and simple with decisions based on customer-driven data using a Lean UX approach. Imagine, Implement, Iterate, Improve.

  • I bring concepts to life

    I design by telling stories. From initial design explorations and sketches to the full gamut of customer journeys and interactive prototypes. Web experiences are multi-layered, interactive and emotional. The experiences we show to customers should be too.

  • i delight users with awesome experiences

    I design products with the right ingredients of engagement and awesome.

  • Highly Curious by nature

    I ask questions quite a bit. I like to know how things work, why people do things, and what makes people happy.